The Town of Spiritwood utility billings are processed quarterly; March, June September & December.  Your bill includes charges for water consumption, sewer and infrastructure. The billings go towards the operations and repairs of the water treatment plant, lagoon, sewer lift stations and wells.

Electronic Billing
You have the option to save paper and have your utility bills e-mailed. To sign up for this service, complete the form below and have it returned to the Town Office.

Methods of Payment:
The Town of Spiritwood provides the following options to pay:

  1. Pay in person during regular business hours at the Town Office.
  2. Pay by cheque and mail to Box 460, Spiritwood, SK S0J 2M0.
  3. Pay at your financial institution.
  4. Pay online or telephone banking through your financial institution.

Reading your Utility Billing:

How is your Water Bill Calculated?
Water meters measure consumption based on water consumed/gallon. The amount of water consumption used by your residence is then multiplied by the current water  rate.

Am I still charged if I don’t use any water?
There is a minimum charge in order to supply water services to your property even if no water is consumed. This is the fixed charge for the water and sewer system.

If you are going to be absent from your residence for an extended period of time the water and sewer services can be inactivated and then reactivated upon your return. There is an associated cost for this service and the Town Office must be contacted for it.