Spiritwood Cemetery

Spiritwood Cemetery

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The Spiritwood Cemetery is located along side Highway 378, just a short drive south out of Spiritwood.

This website gives the names of all the residents buried within the Spiritwood Cemetery, their date of birth, and date of death.


How to purchase a plot?

In order to purchase a plot in the Spiritwood Cemetery, the purchaser must contact the Spiritwood Town Office. The current fee for a plot is $250.00. This fee must be paid for a plot to be reserved. The current interment fee is $250.00, this amount can not be prepaid it is payable at the time of interment.  Currently the Town’s Public Works staff maintain the cemetery.   Donations can be made to the Spiritwood Cemetery, payable to the Town of Spiritwood and a taxable donation receipt will be issued by the Town of Spiritwood.

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