S.A.D.S.A.A.C. Park

S.A.D.S.A.A.C was incorporated unde the provisions of the Societies Act on June 28, 1976.  The membership made up on of one member form each participating club or organization.  Each memeber is responsible for co-ordinating information about their respective club to S.A.D.S.A.A.C. and vice versa.  It was formed with the hope of pulling all clubs together to generate more manpower and finance and with this additional force, larger projects could be undertaken.  A good example is the building of S.A.D.S.A.A.C Park.  Ths park stretches out over a large area north of the railroad crossing. There are five ball diamonds that host a variety of games and tournaments of all ages.

The rodeo grounds was one renowned for their annual SilverBuckle Rodeo and was a huge attraction for the area.  The grandstands are no more and the grounds are currently used by a local riders group for riding, Gymkhana and Team Roping events.

S.A.D.S.A.A.C. is an abbreviation of Spiritwood and District Sports and Agriculture Complex.  This organization has grown over the years and is now called SARCS.