Spiritwood was named by the first postmaster in the district, Rupert J. Dumond, an American from Spiritwood, North Dakota who named the hamlet after his hometown. The first post office in the district was opened in 1912 in what was then the Norbury District. Spiritwood is an agricultural centre situated in the North Central Parkland District, an area of relatively good soils. Grain growing is the chief industry followed closely by the raising of livestock. Settlers first began moving into the Spiritwood District in 1912. Growth thereafter was slow until the railroad came through in 1929. Businesses began to grow and settlers poured into the District. In 1935, the hamlet was incorporated into a village. In 1965, the Village of Spiritwood was incorporated as a Town. Since then Spiritwood has continued to grow and prosper. The latest census figures (2021) provide the following information about Spiritwood:

  • Population in 2021: 966
  • Population in 2016: 913
  • 2016 to 2021 population change (%)  5.8
  • Total private dwellings: 422